A Workplace policy is an organization’s position and practices for preventing the transmission of HIV and for handling cases of HIV infection or AIDS among employees.  It structures all efforts related to workplace prevention of HIV and mitigation of its effects.

Policy not only formalizes the company’s commitment to manage HIV and AIDS, but also shares the responsibilities for holding the policy with the company’s employees.

Policy Development

  • Sub- recipient to NACA on Global Fund HIV and AIDS Round 9 (2012 – 2013)
  • Development of workplace policies for identified SMEs in Ekiti, Kwara, Ondo and Osun State
  • Development of Consolidated Breweries HIV and AIDS Workplace policy (2010)
  • Workplace Policy Development for SMEs under Friends Africa/NiBUCAA collaboration [Lagos, Enugu and Minna] (2010)
  • Development of HIV and AIDS Workplace Policy for nine (9) supply chain companies under PIA/GTZ PPP project (2008 – 2009)