Our responsibility as an organization is operating in the field of international collaboration for sustainable development in the healthy living and safety of humanity. We feel bound by the principles of global effort, human rights, fair treatment of every persons and acting as environmental awareness to facilitating both local and international zero infection, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related death.

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NiBUCAA is a Business Membership Organization(BMO) established on February 15, 2003 as the voice of the private sector response to HIV/AIDS in Nigeria on the premise that businesses have collective leadership role to play in the wide multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS, led by the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA). 




The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus that infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function. As the infection progresses, the immune system becomes weaker, and the person becomes more susceptible to infections. The most advanced stage of HIV infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It can take 10-15 years for an HIV-infected person to develop AIDS; antiretroviral drugs can slow down the process even further.

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Emergencies and disasters

Latest news and updates on public health emergencies around the world

WHO appalled by attacks on health-care facilities in Gaza

WHO has been appalled by the continuing trend for health-care facilities, staff and vehicles to come under direct fire in Gaza since the escalation of violence on 8 July 2014.

Sustained calm is needed so thousands of injured people can receive urgently needed health care. It is vital for health facilities and staff to be able to perform their life-saving work without fear of attack.
Posted: July 28, 2014, 12:01 pm

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